Review: All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

img_0257 Nicolette Farrell is returning home to the rural, small town where she grew up. She left Cooley Ridge a decade ago after her best friend disappeared and was never heard from again. Everyone in the town has different ideas as to what happened to Corinne all those years ago; some think she ran away, some think she was murdered by her boyfriend, and some are still as clueless as the investigators seem to have been all those years ago.

When Nicolette receives a phone call from her brother telling her that their father’s health has taken a turn for the worse, she knows she has no choice but to go back home and help. Even though most things in Cooley Ridge are very different than what Nicolette remembers….some things will never change. Nicolette’s brother is married and expecting a baby, her old high school boyfriend, Tyler,  is dating a younger girl, Annaleise Carter….who mysteriously goes missing just days after Nicolette comes back into town. Annaleise also just happens to be the one person who can confirm Nicolette, Daniel, and Tyler’s alibi for the night Corinne went missing 10 years ago.  Old memories and new questions of Corinne’s disappearance begin to emerge when a brand new missing persons investigation turns the small town upside down.

“We were a town full of fear, searching for answers. But we were also a town full of liars.”

This was a fun and exciting read!!! I love a good mystery/psychological thriller that keeps you guessing the entire time….and this is a perfect example of that kind of book. This particular novel has a very unique and interesting twist to the style in that the story is all told in reverse! Yes, you read that right…the story is told in reverse order and it’s brilliant! All The Missing Girls starts present day with different small flashbacks from the past…then, suddenly, it jumps to day 15 when the major twist or conclusion seems to have already been revealed. After that the story is told each day in reverse so you only get tidbits of information at a time and you have to sort of piece little parts together as you go. It’s really quite a fun and totally engrossing ride. I found myself totally changing my opinion on certain events or decisions the characters made with each previous day’s events being unfolded in the story.

This novel had me on the edge of my seat for the entire read! If you enjoy a good mystery/thriller, this ones for you!

All The Missing Girls – Amazon


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