Review: Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Genre: General Fiction

img_0039 Years of dealing with infertility, miscarriages, and finally a still birth proved to be too much for Zoe and Max’s marriage. While Zoe finds solace in her job as a music therapist….Max finds his in the bottom of a bottle. Life begins to take drastic turns for the both of them in just a few months time. Max is saved by both his brother and his new found Christian fundamentalism. In the meantime, Zoe finds that a very strong friendly relationship with Vanessa, a co-worker, quickly turns into a romantic one. Once Zoe and Vanessa are married, they decide that they would like to start a family together. Because of the years of infertility treatments she went through, Zoe decides she would like to use the remaining frozen embryos that are sitting in storage. However, the embryos also belong to Max….and with Max’s new found conservative views, he has a very big problem with the idea of his “future children” being born to and raised by a lesbian couple. Each side feels that they have the best of intentions for these embryos but neither side seems to be able to agree with the other.

Sadly, I’m thinking I’ve just read too much Picoult over the years to really enjoy this one much. Maybe if it was my first or second of her novels, I might not have felt it was so predictable and I might have enjoyed it more. And I may not have even minded the stereotypes or the cheesy ending that seemed to irk me so much in this book.

I have a hard time being overly critical of her work… Because My Sisters Keeper is in my top 10 favorite books and because I’ve now read all but 1 of her full length, solo books…I feel like I should like this one more. Sadly, i just didn’t love this one.
I do like that Picoult takes very divisive and serious social, political, or personal topics and dissects the sides and opinions in them. But, her style can get very predictable and repetitive. This book is a classic example of that. The alternating points of view (I normally don’t mind that), the suspenseful legal drama, the *gasp* moment of the secret revelation in court, the overly “everything works out in the end” ending….it was just too typical and predictable feeling. Most of these things mentioned were also the style in Small Great Things which I really enjoyed. So, sometimes admittedly that works for me…It just didn’t here.

I also felt like the characters were very cliche and full of stereotypes. And I didn’t really find either Zoe or Max all that believable or authentic. Within 2 months of their divorce…Zoe discovers she is a lesbian, gets married, and wants to have a family with her partner. And max also becomes a very die hard, strict bible thumping evangelical Christian. Seems way too convenient in a too short time.
Not a favorite of mine by her at all. I get why this took me months to pick back up and finish after starting it. I did bump it up to 2.5 stars because It wasn’t a “did not finish” and I was wanting to see how the ending played out. I usually reserve my 1 star ratings for “did not finish” books and 2 star ratings for books I finished but trudged through. If you’ve never read a Picoult book and this storyline intrigues you, you might actually like it. It was just too much of her typical style that I feel like I’ve read before for me.

My Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Sing You Home – Amazon


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