Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Genre: Humor, Non-Fiction, Biography/Memoir

img_4741 Bossypants is Tina Fey’s personal story of growing up as a self-proclaimed theatre nerd, to her days working with Second City in Chicago, to working on SNL, to producing her first sitcom, 30 Rock. She has a very insightful and thoughtful take on a large variety of topics and situations she encountered in her life including, but not limited to; friendships, growing into womanhood, careers, discrimination, workplace relationships, and motherhood.

Tina Fey definitely has a fierce feminist streak in her that I absolutely adore. She is funny, smart and possibly brilliant. She’s also not afraid to be bluntly honest and forward….especially when it comes to her own imperfections and mistakes.

“My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.”

I absolutely loved listening to this audiobook! Tina Fey narrates the entire thing herself and I believe that simple fact adds so very much to the experience of listening to her story. Much like World War Z, I have a feeling that this book is likely a much better experience to listen to rather than to actually read…simply because of Ms Fey’s narration.

“Some people say, “Never let them see you cry.” I say, if you’re so mad you could just cry, then cry. It terrifies everyone.”


There really wasn’t any part of this audiobook that I did not enjoy. So many times, I found myself laughing out loud….likely looking like a lunatic to my family while I folded laundry or vacuumed with my headphones in 😉 I loved her descriptions of growing up as a young girl in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The chapters about her dad, Don Fey, were hysterically funny and completely endearing. Some of my favorite parts of this book were where she talked about her days writing for and working on SNL. I’ve been a huge fan of the show and getting a small glimpse of the behind the scenes workings as well as her personal experiences with some of the actors and hosts was awesome! Another bonus of the audiobook is that you get a sound clip of a few of Tina’s scenes playing Sarah Palin, opposite Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton on SNL….hysterical!

At the very end of this book, Tina writes a section called, “A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter”. In it are some real gems that are both funny and endearingly honest: “When the Crystal Meth is offered, May she remember the parents who cut her grapes in half And stick with Beer.”  and “Lead her away from Acting but not all the way to Finance. Something where she can make her own hours but still feel intellectually fulfilled and get outside sometimes And not have to wear high heels.” 

Bossypants is a definite recommendation from me! If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into audiobooks, this would be a fantastic one to start with….just be prepared for weird glances from those around you as you laugh out loud 🙂

My rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Bossypants Kindle Edition – Amazon

Bossypants Audiobook Edition – Amazon – **My personal recommended format**


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