Review: Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction


Golden Son is the second book of the Red Rising Trilogy. This review is going to be rather short, sweet, and to the point because I already wrote out a full review of Red Rising HERE. So…if you have not yet read the first book in this trilogy, STOP HERE and do not continue onto this review as it may contain spoilers of the first book.




OK… for those of you who have read Red Rising, but for some reason haven’t yet continued on with the trilogy…you definitely need to! I do wish I wouldn’t have waited so long in between books…because 5 months worth of time and reading other books left me feeling a tad lost at the beginning of Golden Son. Pierce Brown does do a fantastic job of sort of reviewing (without it being redundant) and reminding the reader what went on in the first book, so that helped. But it did take me until page 70 or so to really feel like, “ok, ok…I remember this now”. Again…this is totally my fault for waiting so long and in no way a reflection of the book itself. I just wanted to mention it just incase anyone else is in my shoes of having read the Red Rising a while ago…give it time….it comes back to you.

Golden Son is practically all non-stop action! There was not one point in this book where I was bored or hoping for it to be over. The science-fiction part is a tad stronger in this book than the first, so some of those parts had me feeling a little overwhelmed as Sci-Fi isn’t my usual genre of choice. At the start of the novel, we find Darrow in the heart of Golden society, still working to bring the ruling class to it’s knees from within. Non stop action, betrayals, twists & turns throughout…all with even more world building and plot development made me enjoy this second book even more than the first. It’s a definite recommend from me!

My rating 4.5/5 Stars


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