Review: Thinner by Stephen King

Thinner by Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman)

img_3749 Bill Halleck is a successful husband, father and lawyer living the American Dream….but he is also 50 pounds overweight. He has been warned by his doctor that he is edging into heart attack country yet he still can’t seem to get his diet and his weight under control.

But one day, Bill realizes that he’s slowly losing weight without even really trying. His wife is impressed, his doctor is thrilled, and his friends and associates are starting to notice his new svelte figure. Bill assumes that he must be making some small diet changes without even trying….until one day, in the middle of a court case, he realizes his pants won’t even stay up because they are too loose. He starts to pay more attention to the scale and notices his weight is starting to drop off at an alarmingly fast rate despite his efforts to halt it with increased eating.

Bill’s wife is convinced there’s a logical medical explanation for the rapid and seemingly uncontrolled weight loss….but Bill isn’t so sure. He starts to realize that something more sinister and dark may be at play here…especially once he learns that other people who he’s associated with are also afflicted with rare and unexplained “medical” conditions.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was originally published in 1984 under Stephen King’s  pseudonym, Richard Bachman. It’s one of the few by him that I have not yet read and I picked it up because it was recommended to me for a reading title swap in a GoodReads group I am part of.

In typical King fashion, it has a little bit of a slow build with quite the creepy and suspenseful ending. It’s not overly gory or gross but has that perfect psychological creep factor that makes me love Stephen King and his writing. It’s also on the shorter side for his typical novels…at only 320 pages, it’s a quick and engaging read. If you are a fan of Stephen King and haven’t yet read this one OR if you are looking to try something of his and are intimidated by the typical 600+ page novels he tends to write….check this one out!

My Rating: 4/5 Stars


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