Who wants to join me??

So because GRRM is taking his sweet time writing book #6 in the A Song of Ice and Fire series (I’m not pushing…I swear, I’d rather it be amazing and take another year than just be mediocre and be finished tomorrow), I decided to go ahead and start watching the newest season of the HBO series, A Game Of Thrones, that started this past Sunday. 

I was actually going to hold off watching because I have a VERY strict book before movie/tv-show rule. And the newest book in the series, The Winds of Winter, was supposed to be finished before this current season aired… but as Neil Gaiman so eloquently put it, “GRRM is not your bit@h.”  I had initially decided to hold off watching so as not to have any major plot lines spoiled until I could read them first…thinking that the book would be coming along any time now. But sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems now that in the best case scenario, we can hope for WOW to be published late 2016/early 2017. 

So now we’ve reached the point where the show has completely caught up to the 5th and so far, most recent book. Even the self proclaimed “Book Snobs” (not judging…I’m one of them) don’t even know what’s coming next. I mean…we have guesses and theories, but this is the first time that the “book readers” of the A Song of Ice and Fire series don’t actually have a heads up to the non-book-readers of what’s coming. And for a while, I was slightly annoyed about it. Ok…I’ll be honest, I was down right out pissed for quite some time actually. But I’ll spare you my initial ranty thoughts & feelings because….I’m over it. Really, I’m good with the book not being published yet and do you want to know why??? Because at this point, the books and the show are two different beasts. Season 1 & 2 of the HBO series pretty much followed books 1 & 2 to the word. Then came season 3 of the show and we started to get some character and storyline changes…some more drastic than others. Fast forward to season 5 vs book 5 and I think we can safely say that some of the major storylines are so different that they can be seen as two completely different entities. So what’s my point??? I’m getting there, I promise…just bear with me. 

My point is…I realized that the delay in the publication of the 6th book in the ASOIAF series is actually a blessing in disguise. The reason being is that it gives me (and maybe you???) time to (re)read the series from the start! I know what you’re thinking: Are you crazy?? Why would you want to read such a long (and sometimes challenging) series over again from the start?? Well….most likely, I am crazy, but that probably happened years ago (and likely had more to do with mothering 3 boys than anything else). But seriously…as good as the show is…these books are AMAZING! You just get so much MORE out of reading the books than you can ever possibly get from a tv series. The storyline is so complex, the characters are so deep & complicated that I’m 100% certain that there is more for me to get out of this series by reading it a second time. And that brings me to my question: Who wants to join me??? Even if you already watch the HBO show, I still think everyone should give the books a try. (Yes…I own a digital e-copy of each book on my kindle as well as a hard book copy of the first 3 in the series…I warned you that I may be crazy). 

So, what I think I’m going to do is aim to start A Game of Thrones at the start of May (or whenever I finish my current read) and then hopefully have a group discussion, here by the end of the month. That is…if anyone else decides to take up my chalkenge and join me in (re)reading the book series! I figure an entire month should be ample time to finish the book. According to my GoodReads log, the first time I read this, years ago I finished it in about 2 weeks. 

So what do you think? Does anyone want to join me in the month of May for a sort of group read of The Game of Thrones?? (Honestly, either way…I’m re-reading it and will likely discuss my thoughts here even if I’m alone). 


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