Review: Find Her by Lisa Gardner

Find Her by Lisa Gardner

img_2944 Find Her is a pretty typical psychological thriller/murder mystery. Seven years ago, college student Flora Dane was kidnapped while on a spring break beach trip. She was subsequently held captive for 472 days. The entire ordeal both broke her and changed the person that she was before the kidnapping.

Fast forward 5 years after being rescued and returning home, Flora is now a master in self defense and personal survival techniques. She is also reckless. Flora has become obsessed with current stories of kidnapping victims and is determined to do what the police can’t seem to do….bring the girls home and punish their kidnappers. She seems to have very little regard for her own personal safety and, to the horror of her concerned family, seems to actually put herself into dangerous situations with the intention of catching men who prey on women.

When Flora kills a man who she believes is a rapist/kidnapper, she is thrown under the direct radar of Detective D.D. Warren. Detective Warren isn’t quite sure if Flora is a victim or a perpetrator or both. Flora seems to have an awful lot of first hand knowledge of other open kidnapping cases and D.D. has little choice other than to question Flora’s motives. But when Flora goes missing for the second time in her life, Detective Warren suddenly realizes that Flora may be involved in a far more complicated situation than anyone ever knew.

Find Her was what I consider just an “ok” book…it wasn’t what I would consider great. I’ve read a handful of other books in this genre that had me more on edge than this one did. The start of the story was intriguing and interesting, but around 50% through, I started to get a little irritated with the chapters narrated by Flora, herself. She is the epitome of an unreliable narrator and while I feel like that could work really well in some books (Ex: Gone Girl), it was rather frustrating in this book. The entire time, Flora (as well as other characters) gripe about the police’s inability to solve these kidnapping cases all the while they are willfully withholding information and evidence from law enforcement. I also didn’t really care for Detective D.D. Warren much at all. This book is technically #8 in a series revolving around the detective (but don’t worry….each book was written to be a standalone), and I highly doubt I’ll read any others in the series….she just wasn’t very likable to me.

Find Her has quite a large amount of 4 & 5 star reviews…so it works well for some people, obviously. I would think if the psychological thriller/murder mystery is your genre of choice, you’ll likely enjoy this one.

My Rating: 3/5 Stars.


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